Our Team

Our people are not just experts in their respective fields – they are passionate about their work and providing great service. Whether it’s a technical specialist, a project manager, or a creative consultant, our team members are there to provide the best possible outcomes. They take pride in their goals, and are constantly aiming to improve their skills and knowledge.

Your IT System’s Best Friend


Jason W. Davies

CEO, CIO and Founder

Jason brings decades of experience in IT leadership to our team. Strengths include server based software and hardware technologies, system architecture, integration implementation and troubleshooting – with a healthy respect for cost management and business requirements analysis. Pretty wicked Lego Builder too!

Alex Benjamin

Chief Revenue Officer

Alex leads our growth efforts here at ITS as Chief Revenue Officer & Partner. Alex is a tenacious problem-solver at heart, and is well invested in our customers and how ITS can help them achieve their growth and operational goals.

Wesley Marstaller

Chief Financial Officer

Wesley oversees ITS’s financial performance & growth as Partner. Wesley’s financial leadership overlaps with his interest in technology and he as worked with many Vancouver-based businesses and leaders helping them achieve their strategic business goals.

Administrative & Sales

Pasha Lari

Vendor Management & Customer Success

Pasha Lari brings over 10 years of IT industry experience to our team, several of which he has spent with ITS. His strengths include computer hardware/software repairs, installation, deployment, sales and marketing, troubleshooting, and customer service.

Jose Valenzuela

Financial Controller

Jose comes to us from Bogota, Colombia and has lived in Vancouver for over 20 years. He enjoys family time, the occasional racquet sports, and listening to classical & jazz records. He previously worked with the VSO utilizing his background in business, economics, and treasury with a friendly approach.

Quinn Snider

Sales Associate

Quinn’s previous role was Production Administrator at Duxton Windows and Doors in Winnipeg, MB. He enjoys sports in his free time (specifically Ultimate frisbee), as well as anything to do with enjoying nature. He is proud of developing relationships with new and existing customers, and continuing to help grow the company.

Team Leadership

Marcus Juca

Vice President Technology Operations

Marcus is a seasoned tech professional, with extensive experience in the design, implementation and management of IT systems across a wide spectrum of business needs. His main focus is two fold, to lead the mergers and integration initiatives within ITS, and to help Senior Tech specialists with design and implementation of complex projects. In his free time you will find him going for walks and hikes or spending quality time with family and friends.

Martin Kaiser

Senior Technical Manager

Martin is the Technical Lead for Web Development at ITS. He graduated from SAIT polytechnic in 2008 with a diploma in New Media Production and Design. When Martin isn’t in front of a screen you can find him up in the mountains, either on a snowboard or bike.

Jeremy Hedrick

Technical Lead: Network and Security

Jeremy joined the IT world after completing schooling in network administration. He is continuously learning and developing his skills with our team. When he isn’t working on computers, Jeremy likes to spend his free time with his family and friends.

Adam Mallonee

Senior Director, Operations

Originally from New York, Adam Mallonee has been living in Canada for 20 years. He is an IT Service Management leader with more than 23 years of expertise. Adam is our Senior Director of Operations and has a deep background in ITSM. He loves helping enrich services delivered to all ITS customers. He loves to travel, spend time with family, and decompress at his Ucluelet hide-a-way.

Technical Team

Terry Connolly

Senior Technical Consultant and Project Deployment

Terry originally joined ITS as a junior analyst, and has now progressed to Helpdesk Team Leader. During his time here, he has developed many skills and provides exceptional services to clients and staff alike. As passionate as he is about computers, he loves spending as much time as possible at home with his lovely family.

Jason Cramer

Senior Technical Consultant & Project Deployment

Jason (aka JJ) has been working in IT for over 20 years. His strengths include project management, client onboarding, and significant knowledge of Windows Active Directory as well as server and virtualization technologies. When not working, Jason loves spending time with his family or cycling the Sunshine Coast.

Nick Siviter

Senior Technical Consultant & Project Deployment

Nick Siviter brings over 15 years of experience in IT to ITS. His expertise includes significant knowledge with internal and client IT environments.

Michael Scott

Senior Technical Analyst & Project Deployment

Michael Scott has many years experience in the IT industry. His strengths include hardware/software troubleshooting and repairs, desktop installations, deployments, product sales and quoting, and customer service.

Miguel Alberastine

Technical Analyst: Security

Miguel continues to develop his skills while providing great customer service to our clients. When he is not glued to a computer, Miguel likes to do other hands-on projects, such as bike and car repairing/building, and also does break dancing on the side.

April V.

Technical Analyst

April is our help desk team veteran, being at ITS for over 4 years. She loves sushi, italian food, vintage Archie comics and her 9 love birds.

Homer Lauresta

Technical Analyst

Homer is the happiest person in the office. He loves his food and singing.

Jervin Young

Technical Analyst

Jervin loves videogames, and even though he doesn’t own any pets, he loves cats! He spends most of his free time playing videogames, hanging out with friends, or eating. Fun fact – though he doesn’t look like it, he loves heavy metal.

Chris Noseworthy

Technical Analyst: Security

Chris is the oldest member of helpdesk and comes from the world of specialty coffee. He hates cats but has two of them, and spends too much time making Dad jokes even though he does not have kids. Interests include home automation, Linux, wine, chips and cybersecurity.

Basem Al-Amri

Technical Lead / Helpdesk

Basem, a Computer Science graduate with decades of IT support experience, specializes in hardware/software troubleshooting, repairs, desktop installations, deployments, and resolving database issues. Beyond IT, he finds solace in hiking and immersing himself in nature’s wonders.

Vanessa L.

Technical Analyst

Vanessa joins us from the world of stage lights and tutus. Her craftiness allows her to balance problem-solving quickly and efficiently. She looks forward to growing at ITS with her sidekick, Mozzy the doodle.

Daniel Matunan

Technical Analyst

Daniel had his start at BCIT, and worked with Whole Foods before coming to ITS Consulting. He enjoys model building crafts, playing games, 3D printing, and spending time with friends.

Blair MacDonald

Technical Analyst

Blair makes the long way to Vancouver, originating from Charlottetown, PEI, and spending time in tech companies such as DELL and Shaw in Alberta. When not tinkering in his computer lab, he likes lifting weights, inline skating, and swilling coffee. He loves building trust with customers and creating solutions.

Web Services & Design

Devan McKay

Full Stack Web Developer

Devan is a versatile individual who has worn many hats on the professional journey, bringing a unique perspective to software development. Her love for languages extends beyond code. She is actively pursuing the learning of French, Spanish and German.

Sanjin Levi

Web & Graphic Designer

Sanjin Levi is the person behind our design work. He works closely with the web team to help expand the services that we provide. He loves making beautiful websites and brand solutions.

Ojaswee Dhungana

Senior Web Developer

Ojaswee is our backend developer, who loves to design and implement software in agile methodology. She is originally from Nepal and moved to Canada in 2022. She is fond of the people and beauty of Vancouver.

Brian Opao

Junior Web Developer & Technical Analyst

Brian initially began as an intern at ITS. He now begins his journey in web development and internal operations. When not tinkering with custom PCs or programming projects, Brian trains in BJJ, navigates the city on his e-scooter, and tinkers with a wide collection of keyboards!

Teddi Whillans

Web & Graphic Designer

Teddi turns ideas into cohesive designs that reflect the personality of a brand through use of illustration, photography, and digital design. She supports our team with various design tasks, when not spending time in the mountains or working on other great freelancing projects.

Anya Snider

Web & Graphic Designer

Anya is a curious and creative storyteller who is passionate about design, the way we express ourselves as individuals, and how we interact and communicate with others. She enjoys brand creation and working with others who strive for meaningful connection.

Support Team


Senior Cookie Officer

Old, wise and demanding. Tells everyone what to do all the time.


Jr. Help Desk Greeter

Will greet you at the door with a wagging tail and supports our team when the day is ruff.