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We have partnered with our friends at Comtel to offer the most cost-effective, functional, and reliable telecommunications system for your company, whether you need a premise-based or cloud-based hosted solution. 

Premise-Based Telecommunications

You have a single location or a legacy phone system, and an updated premise-based telecommunications system would be your best solution. Maintain in-house ownership of your entire system and whatever data it produces.

Cloud-Based, Hosted Telecommunication

You want the flexibility, convenience, scalability that comes with a cloud-based telecommunications system. Get advanced functions like text-to-speech and transcription, instant upgrades, and secure third-party hosting.

Upgrade or Update

Flexibility is our guarantee. If you have older Mitel equipment that you want to upgrade, we can do that in phases that won’t disturb your operations. Or, if you’re looking to totally update your system with Mitel’s flagship solution, the MiVoice Business Enterprise Controller we can take care of that. Finally, select from our vast catalogue of analogue and IP phones to upgrade your hotel rooms.

Comtel can provide an unbiased assessment of what system would be the right solution for your company, whether it’s Premise based or a Hosted offering, we have the best solutions and support.


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