Time is flying by and March is here. We have some great offers over the next couple months, a cool tech tip, and an insider scoop of where to dine this month.






We appreciate that technology is always changing and staying current is challenging and that’s why we offer effective and interactive training that will improve skills and teach some new ones. ITS Consulting Inc. and Alandale Training are coming together to offer a series of training session for Microsoft Office 2007 in Word, Outlook, Powerpoint and Excel.

Our trainer John Chandler has been providing computer training since 1995. All courses are offered as one-on-one, classroom or group training either in a lab environment or onsite if all requirements are met.

John’s hands-on approach focuses on teaching the shortcuts, tips and tricks to help train participants to increase their productivity. Each course provides a handbook that can be used as a reference guide upon course completion.

Here are the following dates for the classes available:

Mar 15 – Word 2007 Level 1

Mar 24 – Excel 2007 Level 1

Mar 29 – Outlook 2007

Apr 14 – PowerPoint 2007 Level 1

Apr 19 – Word 2007 Level 1

Apr 26 – Excel 2007 Level 1

May 5 – PowerPoint 2007 Level 1

May 17 – Outlook 2007

If you are interested in attending yourself or would like to send some staff please contact Andrea Semenik at 604-484-4308 or by e-mail to reserve your spot(s).

Office 2010 training is available upon request.

For more information on Alandale Training click here.


Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you!


We have 1 new Samsung 21.5″ Monitor, and 1 new HP 20″ Monitor without a box that we are selling for $180.00 each these monitors usually go for $200+. If you are interested in purchasing these please contact Salesand we can make arrangements for dropping it off or pickup.


This tech tip is brought to you by Alandale Training:

Sorting messages by more than one column in Outlook

What do you do if you want to sort by sender and received date?

First, sort by Sender, then press Shift Key  and click on the Received column header.

Presto! Messages are sorted by Sender then Received date.








Check out Opus Hotel’s newly re-opened restaurant One Hundred Nights. Previously named One Hundred Days this exciting pop up restaurant concept keeps you guessing every One Hundred Days…Or Nights. One Hundred Nights has a modern design keeping some elements of the previous while incorporating a slightly more formal ambiance with table cloths and silver accents. As the scene is something to seen on its own the food will excite your pallet just as much.


Call for a reservation 604-642-0557

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great March!