We recently said good-bye to one of our help-desk staff, Jaspreet Sidhu, we wish him the best of luck in the future and we are sure he will do great. A big welcome goes to our new help-desk crew, Terance (Terry) Connolly and Miguel Alberastine. The family man Terry joins us after being in the field for a year and has a passion for the networking aspect. When he is out of the office and off the computers he loves spending his time with family. This is Miguel’s first IT specific job and we are excited to have him grow and develop in our company. Miguel is a Linux user and spends his time doing typical ‘geek’ stuff, from mechanical projects such as cars and bikes, to learning programming and tweaking computer hardware. He also does breakdancing, and is a combative instructor.

So when you call our help desk, these are the new voices you will hear! Welcome to the team Terry and Miguel!