April 8th was the release date for Windows 8.1 Update, for all those Windows 8.1 users. Lots of people have been waiting for this update which was being called ‘Update 1 / Spring Update, and it’s now available.

The main purpose of this update was to make Windows 8 more palatable for mouse/keyboard users. Although, another key purpose is that it includes a ‘security update’, any and all Windows 8.1 users must download the update if they plan to continue to download any security or feature updates.

There are quite a few little changes they have made such as the Power/Search button is not on the Start screen, access to taskbar from anywhere, and go to desktop when you sign in, instead of Start. My favorite feature would be the return of the start menu, but with a twist. It will allow you to choose favorites from your applications so they show up at the top of your start menu. For more information and how to download click here, Microsoft.