If you love buying gadgets for everyone one in your household, why not buy one for your 4-legged best friend? Below are 4 great summer accessories/gadgets that you can buy for your pets.


Tagg – The pet tracker
I’m sure you have heard of the pets that have gone missing recently, or trouble tracking them down. Or if you live in a wooded area and your dog gets to roam free at times, or even at the dog park and they is off chasing a squirrel, it’s always nice to have peace of mind that they are safe/nearby. Tagg is a GPS pet tracker; it has a mobile app and a clip to snap onto the collar. Of course this is not secure as if someone wanted to steal your dog they could just take it off. It also works to monitor your pet’s daily and long-term activity levels. It is $99.95 and has a monthly fee.


Nat Geo Pet’s Eye View Camera
So we have been looking for one of these lately, but some of the cost for a novelty item is a bit steep. Here is a cheaper version, so you can get to see things from your pet’s point of view. This Crittercam clips onto the collar, it is water-resistant, extremely durable and stores up to 40 photos. $35.95

Go-Go Dog Pals
Not that I am encouraging lack of exercise, but some dogs have a lot of fuel that need to be spent, and something the kids want to play with the dog and can’t keep up. The go-go dog pal is an interactive remote control dog toy. Long range operating control system lets you run it out to 350 feet, and it can travel up to 35km/h. $229.99

Another play fetch from a distance type gadget, but great if you have a big back yard. This great little remote fetch machine is wonderful for those dogs that just can’t get enough! It can launch up to 45+ feet at 7/15 second intervals when the buck is loaded; if only a single ball is used, there is a safety delay of 7/15 seconds before the ball is back in play. $139.99