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August 2011

Welcome to the ITS monthly newsletter!

Happy belated BC Day, we hope everyone had a great long weekend and is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  ITS has some great news for you this month.

  • ITS now has MAC support
  • Excel Comments
  • ITS Electronic Deal
  • Tech Tip Brought to you by Alandale Training
  • August Events in and around Vancouver



Do you want a Mac in your office but not sure how it will work with your current infrastructure?  We can help!  ITS has partnered with Oracle Macintosh in order to help get the computer you want and have it at your workplace.  We understand that MACs are becoming more popular in the workplace and we want to make sure if it is something that company executives/staff want we can provide the right person with the skill sets for consultation, set up and support. The company is also a registered reseller for MAC products, if you are interested in purchasing contact the ITS sales team.

Some restrictions apply for MAC Support, please contact the ITS sales department for more details


Excel comments are a great tool to convey brief messages throughout an excel document.  Here is a tip on viewing those comments in a quick and easy way.

View all Comments at Once
By default comments say hidden unless you click or hover over the cell that has a comment.  If you want to quickly read through all the comments without having to click on each one do the following.

Excel 2010:
1.       Click file tab and click options near the bottom left hand side, in 2007 it is the Office button and Excel Options.  Once in options on the left hand side go to Advanced

2.       Scroll down until you see a display section, and click the Comments and Indicators under the For Cells with Comments option

3.       After you click okay you will see the all comments shown

4.        Make sure that once you are done you go back into the options and change back to Indicators only, and comments on hover.


If you are using Excel 2003:
1.       Choose options from the Tools Menu
2.       Click View Tab
3.       Check Comments and Indicator in Comments section
4.       Click OK



Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you!



ThinkPad Edge E520 1143 – Intel – Core i3 – 2310M – 2.1 GHz – DDR3 SDRAM – RAM: 4 GB – Serial ATA – 320 GB – 7200 RPM – DVD burner – Intel HD Graphics 3000 – 15.6 Inch – TFT Active Matrix – Ethernet; Fast Ethernet; Gigabit Ethernet; IEEE 802.11 b/g/n – Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Note:  Only comes with a 1 Year Warranty, to extend the warranty please let ITS know prior to ordering, it is recommended to have a 3 Year Warranty on computers. 

Price: $599.00

If interested contact the sales team at






Brought to you by Alandale Training a great resource online for tips and on-site computer training courses in Vancouver, BC. Visit their site at

You may have discovered that if you type (c) (t) (r) in Word, AutoCorrect will give you © T and ® respectively.  Some people find this annoying as they want to use the letter in parentheses.

An alternative to using AutoCorrect to add these symbols to a document is to use a keyboard shortcut:
– Alt+Ctrl+c for copyright
– Alt+Ctrl+t for trademark
– Alt+Ctrl+r for registered trademark

These work in all versions of Word and in Outlook 2007 and 2010.

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August Events

Here are some fun events happening in and around Vancouver.

Celebration of Lights
21st Annual Fireworks Competition in English Bay
August 6: Canada

MusicFest Vancouver 2011
August 5-14, 2011
Hundreds of top international classical, jazz, and world musicians play live at concert venues throughout Vancouver. 10 days with over 40 concerts and events.

CBC Musical Nooners: 40 Free Outdoor Concerts in 40 days
July 4- August 26, 2011
Free concert on CBC outdoor stage from noon to 1pm. See local, westcoast, and even international artists.
Click here for more information


Thanks for reading! Hope you have a great August!