Happy New Year!!!  2011 flew by and we are expecting a great 2012, we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful group of clients and vendors. We look forward to another fun year of working together.


January 2012

Happy New Year!!!  2011 flew by and we are expecting a great 2012, we feel very lucky to have such a wonderful group of clients and vendors. We look forward to another fun year of working together.


In this Month’s Newsletter:

  • BC SPCA Adopt an Animal
  • What to Expect with Windows 8
  • This Month in IT History
  • ITS Electronic Deal
  • Tech Tip Brought to you by Alandale Training


BC SPCA Adopt an Animal

ITS is a supporter of the BC SPCA and we would like to highlight them in this month’s newsletter.  They were kind enough to tell us about Rayna the cat who is available for adoption.

Hi, My name is Rayna and I am a kind, gentle girl who would love a quiet household.  My favourite way to pass the time is to be near people and I adore being brushed and pet. I am gentle and quiet and would do best in a home without children or other  cats. You should probably know that I once had a head injury and that I have recovered beautifully but I do have a couple harmless little quirks such as sticking my tongue out or sucking on my blanket.  My friends here at SPCA tell me not to worry about any of that because somewhere out there is a quiet, loving person who will love me just the way I am.

There are many great opportunities to be involved with the BC SPCA please visit their website.  If you are interested in getting to know Rayna please https://itsconsultinginc.ca/contact/ and we will put you in touch with the right people.

What to Expect with Windows 8

Just when you get comfortable with Windows 7, Windows 8 starts to show off its new features.  Below is a snippet of exciting features to look forward to:

1. Metro User Interface (UI):  This is designed after the Windows Phone interface where a group of tiles populate the Start Screen.  If you select a tile it will run an application. Once selected an app tool bar will slide up from the bottom of the screen as well a tool bar with Charms that slide in from the right allowing for the user to change the settings on the application.

2. Multi-touch support: Metro has been designed for multi-touch support, which will allow for Windows 8 Metro UI to run on decives like tablets.  This will allow for an entirely new generation of tablets and slates.

3. Reset to default: With a new reset feature users can easily reset their Windows 8 system to factory default. This allows users to quickly and easily remove programs that are no longer necessary, it also does not require a back up prior to initiating it.  This will be a good for business owners that have new staff come in and use an existing device.

These are just a few of the new features in Windows 8, stay tuned for more information.

This Month in IT History

January 1984 Macintosh launched the Apple Macintosh personal computer with an American advertisement “1984” that was aired during the third quarter of Super Bowl XVIII.  This commercial has been regarded as one of the most memorable and successful American commercials of all time. Watch the commercial.

Monthly Electronic Deal


Each month we will supply you with a product that we believe is a great deal and may suit your business or personal needs. This is an opportunity for you to save time and energy shopping around for what’s best at the best price, because we have done it for you!

Lenovo Laptop

ThinkPad L520 – Core i5 – 2520M – 2.5 GHz – DDR3 SDRAM – RAM: 4 GB – HD 320 GB – 7200 RPM – DVD burner – Intel HD Graphics – 15.6 Inch – TFT Active Matrix – Gigabit Ethernet; IEEE 802.11 b/g/n; Bluetooth 3.0 – Win 7 Pro 64-bit


Price: $850.00

If interested contact the sales team at https://itsconsultinginc.ca/contact/


Brought to you by Alandale Training a great resource online for tips and on-site computer training courses in Vancouver, BC. Visit their site at www.alandaletraining.com.

Generating Weekday Dates in Excel

Let’s say you need to put together a list, and part of that list only includes the work week.

To generate only weekday dates:

1. Enter the first date (say 30May)

2. Move your mouse pointer over the small black square at the bottom right of the cell

3. With the AutoFill Handle (the small black plus sign) visible, drag across or down

4. After you finish dragging, a small graphic is displayed next to the last cell

5. Click on the graphic and select Fill Weekdays from the menu

You will then see the dates change to the weekdays.  It’s that easy!

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Thanks for reading! We hope you have a great January!


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